NordBrige HB

is aimed to play a role of bridge

between Nordic countries and China, through which entrepreneurs would be able to carry out their FDI (foreign direct investment) plan and do business more smoothly. NordBrige HB was registered in July 2009 as a trading partnership designed to provide FDI and international trade consulting service to both Chinese and Swedish entrepreneurs.


Consulting Services

We provide a full range of business consulting services to Nordic and Chinese investors. If you are a newcomer to an unknown market and unsure about which type of venture is most suitable for your business, we can offer you comprehensive advice. We will examine your business plan and make the appropriate choice for you. read more...


Market Research

How does the target market see the brand relative to competitors? What does the brand or service stand for? Market Research is key to get advantage of competitors which provides important information to identify and analyze market need, market size and competition. We offer a full range of market research for our clients to explore the local and international market for their products and/or services.


What we can do for you?

Providing both economic and legal advice;
Providing business registration, further registration, company administration and management services;
Conducting market research,market analysis and due diligence research;
Assiting in work and resident permit;
Assiting clients in commercial negotiation and dispute settlement procedure;